By Jenni Wirtz | 17 October, 2022

The latest figures, released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), show that the importance of new car ownership in the UK is in decline. With the average car age reaching a record high of 8.7 years, this shows that people are holding onto their cars for longer, which naturally opens up new sales opportunities for parts that typically have a long service life, such as the Clutch.

This is good news for the aftermarket, meaning there is more chance of vehicles being serviced and repaired, rather than replaced. The current cost-of-living crisis may only increase this need, with servicing likely to be cheaper than buying a new vehicle outright, therefore having competitive, well-established brands readily available from stock can be very rewarding right now.

When it comes to the design and manufacture of clutch systems and with more than 100 years of OE heritage, the Borg & Beck brand, owned by First Line Ltd, is world renowned. Since its acquisition in 2006, the iconic brand has undergone continued investment ensuring its heritage and expertise translates firmly into the modern aftermarket.

It’s crucial that clutch and transmission systems are maintained properly throughout the lifespan of a vehicle and trusted aftermarket supplier First Line Ltd. has exacting quality standards so technicians know that when a replacement is required, Borg & Beck Clutch Kits can be fitted with confidence to provide a lasting solution.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director at First Line Ltd., said: “Our Borg & Beck products are hugely popular among factors and their technician customers and we’re working to support the aftermarket to provide additional support and technical information that will add further confidence in the reliability of our product.”

“Modern day driving styles and traffic management mean clutches are depressed more regularly and for much longer periods. This means the development and production of OE-specification clutches needs to deliver stronger, more durable parts. Our test facility has several rigs set up to put clutches through their paces to meet today’s exacting standards,” Roughley added.

The company’s Borg & Beck technical clutch centre features high-end testing capabilities that ensure its clutches perform to stringent OE specifications. The test rigs assess every aspect of a clutch to guarantee the end product is built to last.

For technicians, the Borg & Beck Clutch range offers quality assurances, technical support and ease of fitment, ensuring a hassle-free replacement. With a UK technical test facility and technical helpline, the emphasis is on supporting the installer in an efficient manner.

A great example is the production of a best practice clutch installation poster which factors and garages can request free of charge by visiting



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